Closing the Deal

I purchased Punkin exactly one week after our test ride - when you find Mr. Right, you know it. I sweated bullets to schedule a quick pre-purchase exam, which he passed with flying colors. I purchased him just after Valentine's Day in 2008. Dave was awesome about the whole thing - even he could tell that this was the horse for me (and one much less likely to result in continued hospital visits!). I boarded Punkin at Gina's for a month after purchase and drove out a few days a week for lessons - which, after 2+ years out of the saddle, I needed badly! In early April Darian - bless her heart - drove all the way down from Templeton in the trailer to pick him up and transport him the short drive to his new home at Altadena Stables.

Gina holding him while Dr. Ramey does the prepurchase exam.

Getting to know each other at Gina's.

This rainbow emerged as I was driving to the bank to get the money order for Punkin's purchase. Good omen or what?!

Having a little turn out in the bullpen after trailering to his new home in Altadena.

Then moseying over to figure out if the camera is edible.

First look out the window in his new home.

Meeting a neighbor, Bravado.