Punkin's Tenth Birthday Party

Following the tradition of every new, besotted, crazy horse owner, I decided to have a party for his birthday on April 19. It was a combination "welcome home" and birthday party, and several very patient and understanding friends attended. We also had a good representation from the canine contingency (more dogs than humans, I think!) Punkin enjoyed standing around and talking to everyone and especially enjoyed all the treats and carrots he got to spoil his dinner. He's a very social beast. (No, we didn't have a party for year 11...)

Auntie Deborah made a beautiful - and edible - flower arrangement for the party.

I sure hope everyone remembers to bring presents!

Hi! Welcome to my birthday party! Um, did you bring a present?

Excuse me. (nudge nudge) did you bring a present?

Well, I guess I know what YOUR answer is.

I don't suppose that's a present down there, is it?

No rush. I can be patient....