Los Angeles Winter Dressage, January 24-25, 2009

Flush from our success at the December show, I decided we could do the whole two days with an overnight stay. Not sure why I ever worried about my boy - he's a fantastic traveller and camper, settles in (if there is food, he considers it home) and doesn't get frazzled by anything. My greatest concern at this show was the rain that fell all day and night before, which closed all arenas for warmup except the tiny area leftover in the dome...which was full of overstimulated, huge, hyper warmbloods all Behaving Badly. Our warmup essentially involved walking around and trying not to get killed. But Punkin was a total pro, cruised through both tests both days, with scores in the high 60's!

Getting ready for our first class.

Trying to avoid mayhem in the tiny warmup area.

Entering arena for our first test (Training 1).

Training Level test 1!

So focused was I on not messing up my test, I was oblivious to mayhem in the next arena...someone not having a good moment. Punkin was unimpressed.


Back home, resting on his laurels...till the next show!