First Rated Show - Holiday Special, LAEC, December 6, 2008

I had a personal goal which probably seems strange to anyone who has had horses for any length of time: I wanted to see if I could - all by myself - go to a show, get ready, and ride. I had never done this...I had shown, but with a trainer and people to do things for me. I did have someone trailer us over, but otherwise this was all on my own - moving in, feeding, cleaning, getting ready in time, warming up, and showing. I just did one day of this show so I didn't bite off too much...and it was wonderful. Punkin was Mr. Cool and despite my nerves, he packed me in and around and bolstered my confidence so much! I felt like I graduated to a whole new level that day.

Tangie and Robby and Dave came to cheer us on. Tangie didn't know what to make of the hay, and I'm not sure Punkin knew what to make of Tangie!

In the warmup for our first test.

In the warmup arena, trying not to hyperventilate from nerves. Punkin says, relax - I got this.

In our first test, Training Level 1. (Class was in the dome, so the photo's blurry due to lack of light)

Halt and salute at the end of Training Level 1.

My boy did a great job!!

Lovin and scritchin.

A gorgeous sunset ends a perfect day at the show!