Jades Aleuf, aka "Punkin", is a Trakehner gelding foaled in 1998. His nickname derives from his unusual color - Punkin is a red dun, and when he is clipped or in his summer coat, he is a delightful shade of pale orange, not unlike a Starbucks pumpkin latte - which I happen to love!

Punkin was born and bred in Alberta, Canada. His sire, Avanti Boy, was a recognized stud in the Canadian Trakehner Horse Society until his untimely passing in early 2009.
Full pedigree.

I purchased Punkin in February of 2008 from Cicely Neiman, who had imported him to California when he was four. He was trained as an eventer and Cicely had fun and success with him. She took a couple years off riding in 2008 and decided to sell Punkin rather than have him sit around, and I got lucky on my timing and saw the ad first. I wasn't really looking for a warmblood - although that's the usual thing for dressage. I wasn't looking for an unusually colored horse. I was looking for a younger, yet impeccably schooled, confident and bombproof horse to get me back into showing. Punkin couldn't have fit the bill any better. I was incredibly fortunate the day I bought him!

Punkin has been a delight to ride and show - he's unflappable, talented, forgiving, smart, kind and, well, I think he's adorable. I look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with the Great Punkin!